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Aerial Imaging and Drone Services for Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Beyond.

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We provide beautiful aerial videos and photos, and precise aerial images, maps, and 3D models to help grow our clients’ profits with eye-catching visuals and highly accurate images at lower cost and less time than it ever took before.


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Our diverse fleet of drones can serve many purposes.
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Call us for a free consultation and drone demonstration to see how we can boost your profits through better images and greater efficiency in data collection and analysis. Our number is +1 (301) 774-1075


We serve real estate agents, construction companies, property managers, video producers, photographers, landscape designers, farms, building and infrastructure inspectors, law firms, insurance companies, land developers, architectural firms… any business or person who can benefit from an aerial view of their work.

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Sunset over the North Carolina forest.
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For researchers, we can provide an up-to-date aerial view, using RGB, or near-infrared sensors of areas both wide and narrow.

For video and photo production, we use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to give you a beautiful final product if that is what you need.  Or we can just hand the raw videos and photos over to you for your own post-processing.

For surveyors, engineers, and construction companies, we use the very powerful Pix4D program for mapping and generating 3D images for contours, elevations, volumetric and linear measurements, and 3D reconstructions of land, buildings, vehicles and structures.

Computer-generated model created from drone photos.
Hover Solutions is compliant with 14 CFR §107. Click here to learn more.

Hover Solutions, LLC, practices the rights and responsibilities granted to certificated remote pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 107.

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A crane over a construction site in Falls Church, Virginia
Click here to read our latest blog post Nathanael Showalter will be speaking at The Video Show in December.

Hover Solutions has  been providing monthly construction site progress photos and videos for building sites in Northern Virginia, within the DC Flight Restricted Zone. Check out one of our spherical panoramas here.

Why the drone services business is not  'easy money'.  Read our latest post here.

Hover Solutions COO Nathanael Showalter presented at the Video Show on 12/6, offering insights into the legal processes of flying in the Flight Restricted Zone around Washington, DC.

Click here for information about flying drones in the Washington, DC Flight Restricted Zone
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We evaluate each client's needs when taking on new work, allowing us to tailor our services to our clients' budgets and needs.


All of our prices include the advanced planning work needed to ensure safe operations at a specific site. This includes an airspace assessment, contacting site authorities when necessary, equipment maintenance, and up to one hour of drive time. This does not include a site visit or walk-through assessment.


Hover Solutions will ask for travel compensation for any one-way travel time greater than an hour from our office in Rockville, MD.


An extra administrative fee may apply in situations where the nature of the operation requires Hover Solutions to obtain a special waiver or authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration. We will advise our clients of this need as early as possible.


Other factors which will affect the total operational cost may include:

  • Need for additional personnel (visual observers, grips, etc.)
  • Need for specialized equipment (multispectral sensors, heavy-lifting UAS, customized camera gimbals or mounting techniques, live-feed apparatus)
  • Need for specialized software (mapping, 3D modeling)


We are willing to work with a range of budgets, so please contact us with details so we can help you get the most for your money.

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