Drones Serving People


Aerial footage that used to cost the price of hiring a helicopter, pilot, and film crew can now be accomplished for a fraction of that, and by a single skilled operator with a high-end piece of equipment. Moreover, drones can go places helicopters can't access, and accomplish ground-to-aerial shots with a continuity never before possible.


Hover Solutions can capture aerial video from the surface to 400 feet at a variety of resolutions and frame rates. We've captured races, events*, summer camps, and weather phenomena. We can provide footage for commercial, cinematic, or home-video uses.


Aerial video gives viewers a unique and memorable perspective. Contact us today to find out what we can provide for your specific needs, whether you're a private client, a business, or a civil servant.

We use professional-grade video editing software to compile our clients' products, providing color correction, frame rate and resolution matching, music overlay, and transition effects.


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*Please note that flying directly above people is strictly prohibited by the Federal Aviation Administration under 14 CFR 107. In certain circumstances, we can apply for a waiver to fly above crowds.  In these circumstances, the FAA asks that we file for the waiver 90 days in advance of the event.

The introduction of the Matrice 600 and Ronin MX gimbal to our workflow means we are no longer limited to DJI-compatible cameras. The Ronin MX  will carry several well-known Sony, Canon, and RED cameras, among others, allowing us to use them in the air attached to the Matrice hexacopter.


It's important to us that we understand your needs as a client, and share your vision. We'll take all the time we need to ensure a mutual understanding of the product we can provide while staying within the limits of our technology and safety constraints.