Drones Serving People


We don't just fly drones, we tell people about them. Hover Solutions regularly accepts invitations to exhibit our drones and services at expositions, career fairs, STEM events, and community gatherings. We also offer business consultation services to new businesses seeking to incorporate drones into their practices.


Hover Solutions will work with educators and institutions to provide lectures about and displays/demonstrations of drone design, flight physics, regulation, and operations. In the past year, we've taught open-air sessions at:


  • The Bull Run District STEM Camporee 2015 in Haymarket, VA
  • Oakland Mills Middle School in Columbia, MD
  • The Spaceflight America Museum in Prince Frederick, MD
  • The Prince George's Public Library branch in Laurel, MD


We can bring our fleet of drones, display materials (including display monitor, demo reels, and live-streaming camera feed from one of the drones), small drone cage, and literature to most locations. We are happy to provide live flight demonstrations as long we are granted permission by the venue, and the flight can take place inside permissible airspace.


We are happy to speak and distribute literature about several topics, including:


  • What a "drone" is and several of the different types
  • The structure and basic operation of a multirotor drone
  • The physics of drone flight
  • The different rules and requirements for flying for fun or flying professionally.


Because we value education, Hover Solutions does not have a standard price for educational work. Please contact us if you are interested in having us present for your class, group, or event.

Discussing drones with the Oakland Mills Middle School debate team


As more and more business look at incorporating drones into their workflow, Hover Solutions is here to help companies make the transition thoroughly, legally, and smoothly. Our staff can help a business pick the right drones for the work they want to do, train personnel to become proficient in drone operation and regulatory understanding, establish record-keeping practices, and build a set of standard operating procedures to guarantee a good outcome from every operation.


We offer specific training in:


  • Operating quadcopter drones, including using the flight controller, navigating the application interface (if any), configuring the drone with mission-specific parameters (such as camera settings), using automated flying tools, and setting up automated safety features.
  • Creating maintenance, testing, updating, and flight-logging schedules and techniques according to manufacturer recommendations and personal experience.
  • Testing for and obtaining the FAA's commercial Remote Pilot license, and maintaining currency as a licensed pilot.
  • Requesting and obtaining waivers for business operations in controlled airspace, at night, beyond visual line of sight, flying over people, or any of the waivable restrictions in 14 CFR Part 107.
  • Operational logistics and best practices in public-facing missions, data collection/processing/storage, aeronautical decision-making, hiring, obtaining insurance, and more.
  • Manual and automatic flight techniques, from basic flying to advanced operation.

COO Nathanael Showalter presenting at the Bull Run District STEM Camporee


Holding an event? Testing a new system? Need a certified pilot? Hover Solutions, LLC, offers a pilot-for-hire service. Our pilots will familiarize themselves with your equipment and offer professional piloting to meet your needs. We've flown on behalf of DJI for the National Association of Broadcasters on the rooftop of the Newseum, and for numerous casual events organized by the DC Drone Users Group. Please contact us with details of your needs if you'd like to hire a pilot for an upcoming event.

Flying inside a cage on top of the Newseum with the US Capitol in the background


Hover Solutions is always looking for opportunities for public outreach. We are glad to present our tools and products at public gatherings, county and state fairs, career and trade shows, and community/street fairs. We offer an interesting and interactive display, educational content, and (where permitted) a unique product personalized and ready-made for event-goers to post to social media.

We've set up and presented at several events, including the Barracks Row Fall Festival 2015 in Washington, DC; The Aviation & Career Expo at Leesburg Executive Airport; and the Howard County Fair of 2016. We encourage event coordinators to contact us to fill an extra booth.

Training new pilots in aerial cinematography techniques in Las Vegas, NV