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The GPS module on board the Matrice 600 hexacopter.

Hover Solutions, LLC, uses Pix4D software to analyze drone imagery and produce incredibly accurate 3D reconstructions, digital surface models, orthomosaics, and topographical maps.

A capture of a Pix4D processing screen showing the photos taken above a 22-acre plot of land, and the 3D point cloud generated from the photos below.

Our DJI drones embed precise GPS data in every photograph they take, which allows software programs like Pix4D to reconstruct the ground the drones flew over by analyzing differences between photographs relative to where they were taken.


We can also use camera sensors which detect wavelengths other than visible light to create reflectance and near-infrared analysis maps that can be used to determine the health of vegetation.


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NOTICE: Hover Solutions, LLC, can ONLY provide land survey and survey-grade topography with the cooperation of a licensed surveyor or engineer. Hover Solutions, LLC, is not licensed to provide independent survey data in the state of Maryland.