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As much as we love drones, we know that sometimes, a drone is not the right tool for a given situation. When we need to get close, low, and stable, we rely on the DJI Osmo.


The Osmo uses the Zenmuse X3--the same camera used on the Inspire 1--mounted on a handle and three-axis gimbal. It uses a number of accessories, including a RĂ˜DE microphone system, to ensure high-quality sound capture to go with the smooth video.


The Osmo comes with all the framerate and resolution options of its drone-mounted kin, but it also comes with an automatic panorama feature, as well as three different operating orientations, which makes it a versatile tool for ground-based filming.


The Osmo is ideal for panoramic photography, with a built-in panoramic feature on the wide-angle lenses.

The Osmo is also built for long-exposure and time-lapse photography.

Osmo Videos