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Panorama of Piney Run Park taken with the Phantom 3 Pro at sunset.


Panorama of a sunset over Howard County taken with the Phantom 3 Pro.

Drones have opened the skies for photographers, and Hover Solutions has invested in the best equipment and software available to bring our clients breathtaking views.


We photograph real estate, infrastructure, nature, and landscapes. We also provide event photography and sports photography*.


For those with more practical needs, we perform structural scans, particularly for roofs, infrastructure, and construction. For more information about our image and data collection services for construction, survey, BIM, and 3D mapping modeling, please see our Construction and Development section.

Look at your roof in minutes
Sunset behind a church steeple in Olney, MD

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*Please note that currently, flying directly above people is strictly prohibited by the Federal Aviation Administration under 14 CFR 107. In certain circumstances, we can apply for a waiver to fly above crowds.  In these circumstances, the FAA asks that we file for the waiver 90 days in advance of the event. We are expecting a revision to this rule sometime in 2018 which will allow lighter UAVs to fly directly over people. Stay tuned!


In the Washington, DC area, the DC Flight Restriction Zone consists of a circle roughly 30 miles wide centered on Reagan National Airport. Inside this area, (which includes Arlington, Vienna, Bethesda, College Park, Camp Springs, and Fort Washington, not to mention the entirety of Washington, DC.  While it is possible to obtain a waiver to fly UAVs in this zone, it is very difficult and heavily scrutinized by federal and local security services. Very few waivers have been granted.

When clients ask us to complete work in this area, we must inform them of the current restrictions, but we also offer an alternative solution: Elevated photography. We use a remote-controlled camera with the same quality as those we use with the drones, but attach it on a telescoping rod that allows us to reach up to 30 feet up, sideways, or down.

Elevated photography and video
Low-altitude airspace map from AirMap

The Washington, DC Flight Restriction Zone is the large, misshapen red-purple circle.

Gathering footage of  a parade at a local fair, where it would have been unsafe to fly above the crowd

Using this method, we've completed roof scans, panoramas, and property images in Washington DC and Virginia.

Our elevated photography can't always match the effect we can have with our drone photography, and it is not suitable for jobs requiring high-accuracy geolocation information in the photographic metadata, but it has been sufficient for a number of otherwise-impossible objects. And because it does not require the use of heavy, specialized equipment, our rates are only slightly affected by the use of the elevated photography system.