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Hover Solutions helps farmers keep an eye on their crop by providing high-resolution maps and color/light analysis of their fields.

Our drones can scan a field in minutes and stitch together a map of the crops showing areas where water or nutrients are not reaching.


We work with agronomists to augment the data farmers already gather about their crops and provide a more-complete picture of what's happening with areas of drought, root burn, parasitic infestation, flooding, or undernourishment.


Hover Solutions is investigating the implementation of multispectral imaging to provide information about crops revealed by invisible light spectra, like infrared and ultraviolet.

Save time and resources by targeting unhealthy or affected areas directly, instead of paying for treatment for an entire zone to solve a small problem.

Quickly figure out which areas need more attention, which areas are sustainable, and which areas to write off as a loss for the season.


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