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Drones are fantastic tools for collecting and recording data useful for planning, mapping, and documenting construction.


Our drones cover a lot of land quickly, taking photographs every few seconds. Using photogrammetric software, Hover Solutions uses these photos to generate:

  • High-resolution orthomosaics
  • Densified point clouds
  • Topographic data
  • 3D mesh models
  • Digital surface and terrain models


Working with a surveyor, we integrate scalar controls on the X, Y, and Z axes to ensure our data is as accurate as the client requires. With proper controls, our data is suitable for planning and volumetric analysis.

Our software outputs DXF, OBJ, and XYZ files, among others, and is compatible with a wide range of CAD and GIS applications.


Hover Solutions has developed a mapping workflow to reduce as much error as possible, taking into account such variables as:


  • Camera lens parameters
  • Photographic overlap
  • Shutter and aperture settings
  • Natural light
  • Ground control point visibility
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Mutable objects within the scanned area


Hover Solutions, LLC, is not licensed to provide survey reports without partnering with a licensed surveyor in the state of Maryland.

Rays coming down from the virtual camera images to their associated data points in the point cloud.
Screen capture of Ground Station Pro flight planning application


Hover Solutions gathers data with high internal accuracy by flying with the DJI Matrice 200 V2 RTK, including the base station.


To create ground-control points, Hover Solutions uses AeroPoints, or corrected, GPS-based electronic ground control points created for aerial survey by Propeller Aero, who claims that the points offer survey-grade accuracy when used correctly.


Our  imaging team can distribute our AeroPoints to cover up to 300 acres of land, then fly the property while the control points record and store their GPS location in three dimensions. AeroPoints placed within Propeller's Correction Network have their GPS locations synced to local geodetic controls.


Please visit the product page for more information about AeroPoints.

Propeller AeroPoints make geospatial imaging and survey easier.

We use our drones to effectively scan a building or object's exterior, then re-create the object in 3D using modeling software and editing. These models have the potential to be incredibly accurate, especially with the proper constraints built into the dataset and manually marked during the editing phase.


The best models come about as the result of extensive editing and refining, including applying planar surfaces and manual tie points. As a result, fine-tuned models may take longer to create.

Modeling is useful for documenting and measuring, and the data cloud can be imported into reality-augmentation software for planning, adjusting, or projecting future projects.

Full-site models let foremen and project managers examine their work areas from any angle, facilitating resource allocation and management.



Modeling aside, Hover Solutions offers repeated documentation flights to monitor construction progress. These photos are highly effective at demonstrating changes from one stage of work to the next to shareholders and clients.


We program our drones to take pictures from roughly equivalent vantage points (to within a few feet) to make comparison between photographs especially easy.

Phantom 4 Pro photo of a building under construction.

NOTICE: Hover Solutions, LLC, can ONLY provide land survey and survey-grade topography with the cooperation of a licensed surveyor or engineer. Hover Solutions, LLC, is not licensed to provide independent survey data in the state of Maryland.