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2017 Promo Reel

With a greater emphasis on enterprise, research, and industrial aerial solutions, Hover Solutions' 2018 promo reel was unveiled at AUVSI's XPONENTIAL 2018.

2017 Promo Reel

A compilation of our latest work, gathered across the USA and in West Africa, highlighting not only our cinematic chops, but also the mapping, infrastructure, and data-collecting services we offer in furtherance of industry and research.

2016 Demo Reel

We opened our doors for business in March of 2016, and immediately began gathering footage to put into our first demo reel.  This reel touches on the main product we offer: Aerial video and photography, yes, but also photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and multispectral analysis. We anticipate releasing a new demo reel at least every year, showing the best shots of our work from the previous 12 months.

Industrial Work

We want to use drones for much more than aesthetic filming. We're actively looking for partners in mining, agriculture, analytical filmmaking, elevated tank and cell tower inspections, and infrastructure inspections.

Although we use the word "inspections," Hover Solutions, LLC, is not trained or certified to offer professional inspection or analysis at this time. However, we are eager to work with engineers and specialists as we continue to add to our qualifications. We anticipate being able to offer certified roofing and other industry-specific inspections within a few years.

Real Estate Highlight - The Shrine of St. Anthony

We created this highlight of the Franciscan Friars' property in Ellicott City, Maryland and display it here to show off our editing and composition chops. This was a unique property that we try enjoyed filming.

We shoot and produce 30-second to five-minute property highlight videos; ask us to do yours!

Advertising Highlight - The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring

This project allowed us to explore the potential of our equipment when operating in limited space. In an environment full of trees, guy wires, and moving people, it can be very tricky to get dynamic, moving-camera shots without sacrificing a drone to the foliage, but I was very happy with the product we got using the Phantom 4 Pro and our team of actors.

We'd be glad to work with you to build a showcase video for your event venue or business.

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