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Featured Product: Virtual/Video Tours

We're offering special pricing to clients who need virtual or video tours of properties during the COVID-19 crisis.

Packages start at $300 and include aerial shots and stabilized hand-held walkthroughs of residential and commercial properties within 25 miles of our Rockville offices. See the map below for our lowest-rate locations, and places where aerial tours are possible.


Showcase Your Property


Aerial photos sell houses, and over 80% of home sellers prefer to use agents who can provide drone photography, according to a study conducted for SoldByAir.

Hover Solutions, LLC, provide quality aerial photographs and video at competitive rates. Almost nothing gives property shoppers a better sense of their prospective purchases than a bird's-eye view.

Hover Solutions will work with your shot list, or we'll draw from our years of experience to get you the shots that best showcase your property.


We use HDR exposure bracketing and careful control of our settings to ensure good light, color, and framing.


Safe, Skilled, & Responsive


Be confident in our experience, our commitment to safe and legal operation, and -- failing that -- our $3M insurance policy.

We understand what makes homes attractive, and we use a variety of cameras and techniques to draw out the details that your customers want to see.


We shoot to your technical specifications and offer images ready to upload to the sharing platform of your preference.


Context is Key


Let your customers see your property relative to everything around it. Reassure them that your property is well-placed to receive its clientele, easy to access, and conveniently located near businesses that cater to their other needs to make shopping a breeze.


In addition to color fixing, HDR photography, straightening, and compositing, we offer text and graphic overlays to help get your point across.


Indoor Video and Spherical Panoramas


We're comfortable bringing our equipment inside the buildings we shoot, not only because our pilots are experienced, but also because our UAVs are built to fly in close spaces. Obstacle avoidance systems and slow-movement modes mean shots that look like they came from a slider, but without the associated setup and teardown.

Using equipment like the DJI Osmo lets us capture and stitch spherical panoramas that offer an immersive experience comparable to ones from well-known brands.


When Drones Won't Fly


Airspace can be complicated in the mid-Atlantic states, and sometimes drones can't fly for security or authorization reasons. When that happens, Hover Solutions is prepared to offer elevated photography using our 25-foot collapsible boom to get you your photos when you need them.

We're able to mount our drone cameras on an independent gimbal and control it remotel y from the ground, meaning that our elevated shots have the same quality as the ones we take with the drones, and are stabilized and framed the same way.