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Hover Solutions is equipped with sensors capable of sampling wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum. In 2019, we've added a certified thermographer to our staff.


The FLIR Vue Pro R is a 30Hz thermal imaging camera optimized for use on UAVs. It's the base camera on the DJI Zenmuse XT thermal system for the Inspire 1 drone line.

By controlling for atmospheric and surface conditions, we can take both qualitative and quantitative infrared emissivity readings to check for pooling/subsurface water, mechanical stress, electrical malfunctions, missing or poor insulation, and other sources of thermal anomalies.

Drones are an asset to a thermographic imaging workflow, allowing operators to take non-contact heat readings without ever having to set foot on a roof.

Our on-staff thermographer is certified by the Infrared Training Center and will plan the mission, execute the data collection, and interpret the data according to your needs.


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A thermal camera mounted on a black and white drone.
A page with a thermal image, temperature span, and interpretation data comprising a report on a thermal project.

Above: A thermal report showing pooling water on a flat-roof membrane in the Ironbow color pallette.

Left: The 640x512 13mm Zenmuse XT radiometric thermal camera mounted on the DJI Inspire 1.


Hover Solutions gathers multispectral images using the MicaSense RedEdge-M, which uses a global shutter to capture light in five different wavelengths: Blue, Green, Red, Near Infrared (NIR), and Red Edge.

Because it captures five bands of light, we use images from the RedEdge-M to construct four different map products:

  • A true-color orthomosaic from the red, blue, and green bands
  • A digital surface model using photogrammetry
  • A Normalzied Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) map derived from the NIR and Red values
  • A chlorophyll map derived Red Edge band values.


Images captured with the RedEdge-M are calibrated against a radiometric reflectance target, and encoded with offsetting information from a top-mounted sunlight sensor to account for changes in solar lighting at the moment of capture.

Top right: The MicaSense RedEdge-M camera mounted on the FireFLY6 VTOL drone.

Bottom right: False-color maps showing red edge, near-infrared, and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index results.

Below: The radiometric target used to calibrate the five bands of the RedEdge camera before and after each flight.

A mosaic of five images showing a calibration target for a five-band multispectral camera.
A multispectral camera mounted under a large fixed-wing drone.
Psychedlic colors on a sample set of images captured with a multispectral camera and rendered in false color for easier interpretation